A Promise Kept

I made a promise that morning in 2005.

Masked and gloved, I stood in the middle of a large room, holding bars of soap and plastic bags filled with sugar and rice.

I was in the women’s ward of a public hospital in Kigali, Rwanda.

In the dim light, about a hundred small cots were lined up, leaving narrow aisles.

Two women shared a cot and one sheet. It was quiet and they were very still.

I couldn’t help but noticed how very young and beautiful they were.

The head nurse and a social worker escorted our group of ten team members with Nu-Vision
Ministry Canada.

We presented gifts of soap, sugar and rice to the patients for the families to use, as they cared for these very ill women.

As I stopped beside the cots, I put the gifts beside the ladies and placed my hand gently on their shoulders.

Some flickered their eyes, others mustered a smile of gratitude, a few uttered a weak whisper of thanks. Most were unresponsive.

Only one lady rose on her elbow and smiled, waving at me.

I went to her, lowered my mask and smiled back.

As I gazed at the sight before me,
I realized that these young daughters, sisters, wives and mothers were dying, victims of malaria and ravished by AIDS and the host of diseases that take over in a weakened state.

I thought of their children. Would they be orphaned? How would they survive?

I felt an overwhelming need to do something.There were so many needs. What could I do?

I thought of all the little children who would be left to fend for themselves.

I made a promise to become involved with a sponsored children’s program and encourage Canadians to sponsor
children so they would have the opportunity to go to school, be safe and healthy, become well-educated and make a contribute to their country.

I felt a great sense of duty to protect young females who are at risk of harm not being in school.

We became sponsors with Asante Ministries Canada. After our girl graduated, she won scholarship to medical school.

I kept my promise!!!

Nu-Vision Ministry Canada will host The Asante Children’s Choir,
from East Africa, in Thunder Bay January 21-28, 2016.

These young ambassadors will perform concerts and share with us their joy of singing, dancing and drumming in local churches.

I’ll never forget seeing the ladies in the hospital that day. They inspired me and made me realize that one person can make a difference.

Mary Anderson
Thunder Bay, ON

December 2015

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