Nu Vision Ministries Closes

Voluntary closure of Nu-Vision Ministry Canada effective from the 17th of October 2020.

With sadness, we announce the voluntary closure of Nu-Vision Ministry Canada on October 17, 2020.  For the past 22 years Nu Vision Ministries has been doing ecumenical humanitarian work in seven countries including our beloved Canada.

We could no longer do the fund raising/community awareness and the work of recruiting, preparing, and leading work and study teams to distant places with our overseas partner charities.

Words cannot adequately express the gratitude we have for the support of our volunteers, the public, donors, congregations, businesses and partners with whom Nu-Vision has worked over the last 22 years. With you, together we have helped to make life and living a little better for the children, families and communities with whom we were privileged to serve.

There are still lifetimes of work to be done around the world and our partners are still engaged, ever worthy of our continued support.

We can still, each in our own way, share support, empathy and love to neighbours as we are able, wherever we are.

We thank God for steadfast protection, provision, guidance and faithfulness throughout for each of us.


The Board of Nu-Vision Ministry Canada:

Len Anderson (Chair), Eleanor Dunn, Christine Scheibler, Bob Manson, Rev Nancy Ringham, Ray Dunn.

Staff: Mary Anne Fossum (Office Manager), Marla Dunn (Bookkeeper), Harvey Loewen (Accountant), Jasminka Villa (Travel), work team leaders and members, orphan supporters, guest speakers, many volunteers.

Thank you.

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