Kim Phuc Breakfast – Saturday September 24, 2016

KimiPhuc Breakfast Poster There will be a breakfast on September 24th, the morning following Kim’s Friday’s presentation,  at the Airlane Hotel  Tiberio Room 9 am,  Tickets $25, call 766 – 9360. Fireweed on Algoma St. Below is link to tickets. Tickets: Saturday September 24th Breakfast with Kim Phuc

Kim Phuc: September 23rd 2016

Nu Vision presents Kim Phuc, the girl in the picture. A Story of Forgiveness and Peace. September 23rd  2016,     7:30 pm, Selkirk Auditorium,  621 Selkirk St. S Tickets $25  call 766 -9360, Tickets: Friday September 23rd “A Story of Forgiveness and Peace”: A nine year old girl running from a napalm attack during the Vietnam War, the clothes burned off her body, became the subject of one of the most haunting and iconic…

Thank you for another successful fundraiser

A big thank you to everyone involved in another successful Nu Vision Fundraiser. Dr. Brian Dunn’s presentation was very engaging. We now have enough funds to fulfill our three year commitment to OASIS which was to provide washroom facilities for a school.  Over twelve people expressed interest in finding out more about our involvement in Haiti while others expressed interest in our involvement in Zambia 2017. Stay tuned. Anyone interested in planning of the next…

Partnership Helps Youth in Northwestern Ontario

Thunder Bay’s Nu-Vision Ministry Canada works on the foundation of building strong partnerships with like-minded local and global organizations to work collaboratively and cooperatively in areas that communities need most. In Thunder Bay, our partner, the Regional Multicultural Youth Council has provided a voice for youth in Thunder Bay and small isolated communities across Northwestern Ontario for 25 years. More than 100 young people in the Council’s peer leadership initiatives make positive changes in schools, reserves and communities in…

Sustainable Development in Zambia

Kitwe, Zambia is a city of 500,000 people in heart of the copper belt in Sub-Saharan Africa. The problems of poverty are multi-fold and complex. 64 percent of the population lives on less than $1 per day, 14 percent have HIV, 40 percent don’t have access to clean drinking water. Almost 90 percent of women in rural areas cannot read or write. Children are often left to fend for themselves and eventually end up dropping out of school….

Keeping People Informed

Nu-Vision Ministry Canada’s mission teams frequently use blogs and Facebook as a collaborative tool for activities and events related to a specific project. These platforms are ideal for connecting and sharing timely and relevant information with project partners, supporters and the general public. Click through the blog for the Nu-Vision Ministry Canada team from Thunder Bay working at the Lifesong School for Orphans near Kitwe, Zambia in the summer of 2015.